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Faculty Profiles


VP for Finance and Administration and Dean
Vice Dean, Quality Assurance and accreditation, Associate Professor of Anatomy & Medical Education
Vice Dean, College of Medicine
Vice Dean for Graduate Studies & Research, Associate Prof. of Anatomy & Cell Biology
Vice Dean, Head of Surgery Department


Professor of Pediatrics
Professor of Clinical Pathology (HOD)
Professor of Biochemistry
Professor of Pathology
Professor of Medicine
Professor and Chair of Pharmacology
Professor of Anatomy & Genetics
Professor of Epidemiology & Biostatistics (HOD)
Professor of Anatomy/Skill Lab
Professor of Anatomy (HOD)
Professor of Gross Anatomy
Professor, Pharmacology & Biostatistics
Professor Of Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine
Professor of Neuroscience & Gross Anatomy

Associate Professor

Associate Professor of Clinical Anatomy
Department Head Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Associate Professor of Microbiology & Immunology
Adjunct Associate Professor

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor of Anatomy
Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology
Assitant Professor of Pathology
Assistant Professor of Pathology
Assistant Professor of Medical Microbiology
Assistant Professor of Clinical Skills
Assistant Professor of Public Health
Assistant Professor of Clincal Medicine (H.O.D) Dept. of Medicine
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Assistant Professor of Pathology

Senior Lecturer

Senior Lecturer of Molecular Biology
Senior Lecturer of Medical Education
Senior Lecturer of Anatomy
Senior Lecturer of Neurophysiology
Senior Lecturer, Department of Family & Community Medicine, College of Medicine
Senior Lecturer of Biochemistry / Physiology
Senior Lecturer of Anatomy
Senior Lecturer of Anatomy
Senior Lecturer of Physiology
Senior Lecturer of Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Senior Lecturer Microbiology
Senior Lecturer of Biochemistry


Lecturer of Anatomy
Lecturer of Anatomy
Lecturer of Pharmacology
Lecturer of Biochemistry
Lecturer of Microbiology
Lecturer of Physiology
Lecturer of Clinical Skills
Lecturer of Clinical Skills


Instructor of Medical Education

Laboratory Specialist

Laboratory Specialist (Simulation)